“Through our endeavours we can demonstrate that one can still achieve great things. If one has support, drive and determination, a debilitating injury should not stop you from reaching your goals". Martin Hewitt, AGS Team Leader. In this world first series, the Adaptive Grand Slam challenge aims to select, train and enable disabled adenturers to take on some of the most extreme expeditions and testing challenges on the planet and inspire others with life-long injuries and disabilities to achieve their goals.

The AGS team will break 4 World Records in becoming;

The first disabled team to walk unsupported to the Geographic North Pole

The first disabled team to walk unsupported to the Geographic South Pole

The first disabled team to climb the 7 Summits

The first disabled team to complete The Grand Slam


The Adaptive Grand Slam (AGS) is comprised of the highest peak in each continent in addition to the North and South Poles. The organisers and adventurers of these expeditions are ex-servicemen, civilian members of the disabled community, professional mountaineers and expedition leaders and our supporters. The Grand Slam is considered, amongst seasoned mountain climbers and expedition leaders, as the height of expedition achievement and the AGS team are unique in that they have to rely on alternative ways and means of completing the challenge with their various disabilities.

To date, AGS team members have reached the North Pole unsupported and have successfully summited Mt Denali, Mt Elbrus, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Aconcagua. We have been forced to abandon previous summit attempts on Mt Aconcagua and Mt Everest due to severe weather. Our team have also summited Grand Paradiso and Mt Manaslu on training exercises.


Many people with life changing injuries face a long process of rehabilitation, finding themselves thrown out of action and into the perplexities of physical and psychological obstacles and difficulties with self-acceptance. The AGS was established to select, train and develop disabled teams to tackle extreme expeditions and challenges supported by professional expedition and challenge leaders in order to support the AGS foundation (Registered UK charity number 1173076). 

Our vision

The AGS aims to provide examples of achievement with disability and to inspire our community to achieve the extraordinary. In doing so, the team hopes to raise awareness of our disabled community, establish new records, conduct world first attempts and collaborate with like minded organisations. We also aim to enhance the development of prosthetics and other adaptive equipment through testing on our endeavours. 

OUR Missions

The AGS seeks to tackle the greatest challenges known to mankind. Our first epic series is to complete the notorious Explorers' Grand Slam. We select, train and prepare our teams for each mission. Each mission is undertaken by a small core team providing experience and continuity, with additional team members joining singular expeditions. If you are registered disabled and want to take on an extreme challenge, we want to hear from you. If you'd like to support the AGS foundation, please follow this link



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Mount Kilimanjaro – Completed

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carstensz pyramid – 2018

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Mount Aconcagua – completed

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South Pole – TBC

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MOUNT ELBRUS – Completed

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Mount Vinson – TBC

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