The AGS project is not a direct fundraiser. We ask supporters to contribute directly to our chosen charities for each challenge. Our charities have been selected for the positive and impactful support that they provide to members of the disabled community, including wounded service people throughout their recovery, their rehabilitation process and their integration into the workplace. The AGS team take great pride in representing those who have made and continue to make such a difference in the lives of those injured in the line of duty.



Attempted and completed stages of the AGS have generated substantial media coverage. As the expeditions continue, interest in our teams, cause and stories grows. To maintain positive messages in the media, we will maximise exposure for future endeavours through events, press releases and TV appearances. AGS have received overwhelming support from the public, the media and HRH Prince Harry, who joined the team in the televised series 'Harry's Arctic Heroes’ and 'Harry's Mountain Heroes'. Our story is worth sharing.


As we develop as a truly groundbreaking team of explorers, we aim to share our experiences and inspire others to overcome adversity. Our team members are ambassadors for the disabled and ex-services communities. Through each of our individual stories and journey together, we can raise awareness for these communities and inspire others with psychological and physical damage. We aim to raise awareness for the challenges that our wounded service people face and for the charities that are prominent in their recovery.

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