I'm in a very privileged position, in that, I usually plan my day around my training, but due to a number of meetings, presentations and other engagements, I had to plan my training around my work commitments over the last week.

Although the number of hours that I usually train or wanted to train was significantly reduced, it came down to the quality of training. You don't always need to train for 2-3 hours per day, 3 times a week to feel that you have done enough.

My advice: when you know you have a busy few days ahead of you, take some time to sit down and plan your week ahead. Go through it day by day and plan everything from when you need to wake up, what time you need to leave the house to be in good time for that meeting (always leave some extra time for traffic), and what you can do on the train travelling to your next destination.

It also takes some discipline to stick to your plan and some sacrifice too. Perhaps you have to get up a few hours earlier to fit your gym session in, or have a short but fast run in your lunch hour or even miss SAS Who Dares Wins whilst preparing for that presentation the following day.

I managed to get one good 3.5 hour bike ride in on Monday, but the rest of the week I had to rely on a number of short sharp sessions on the indoor turbo trainer, some full body cardio blasts in the gym and a few short runs. None of my training, apart from Monday, was more than an hour long but the intensity was high and the quality was good so I still feel like I had a very productive week of training as the time to prepare for our next challenge ticks away.

By Jaco van Gass.