Have you ever tried to close your eyes, stand on one leg and brush your teeth?!

This was one of the exercises that has been suggested I do to try and improve the pro perceptive signals I’m sending to my leg……but you try doing the above exercise without dribbling toothpaste down your top!!

I think I’ve spent more time this week searching for clean clothes than I have training!!

Other than the toothpaste incidents, it’s been a fairly usual week of training. Brisk walks up the hill each morning, followed by a cardiovascular or weights session in the gym later in the day.

I’ve been trying to get used to using the crutches when I’ve been coming down off the hill. They definitely help my leg, and I’m certainly quicker! The only drawback seems to be the amount of speed and momentum I’m building up! Now you could say that this is a good thing…..which it is…..until I actually build up so much momentum that gravity takes over, resulting in the inevitable head first face plant into the side of the hill!! 

So now I'm trying out shortening the crutches so I’m not actually swinging off them, they will simply help to take some of the load off my left leg and to give me a bit of stability. I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but let’s call it work in progress!!

Kelda Wood in training on Grand Paradiso

Kelda Wood in training on Grand Paradiso

It’s just two weeks now until the team get together to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks as part of our training for Aconcagua, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much difference all the various adaptions we’ve put in place will make. Time is ticking on and it’s now just over 6 weeks until we leave for Argentina, so let’s hope there’s some good improvements to be seen!