09/01/2017 - Day 1

We’re off! At last after all the travelling, it’s time to get the legs working


It was Sean’s 28th birthday too, so he got a rendition of Happy Birthday “AGS” style half way up the mountain.

Unfortunately it wasn’t entirely his lucky day, as on reaching Corfluenza, he discovered his sunscreen had exploded all over his bag. Every day’s a school day….put your sunscreen in a dry bag next time Sean!!

10/01/2017 - Day 2

An acclimatisation walk up to the south face of Aconcagua. A great day, taking us up to 4,100m, but soooo windy! This made it challenging walking, but the even bigger challenge proved to be having a pee! No matter how hard we tried, it seemed impossible to avoid the wind blowing our pee all over our boots! Nice!

Several of us were starting to feel the effects of altitude, but we were all still breathing and our hearts were still pumping when we were checked out by the doctor in the evening.

We’re not called the Adaptive Grand Slam for nothing and as our stories seem to be based around peeing at the minute, it's a good time to tell you that we've adapted a drinking jug for Kelda to pee in so she doesn’t have to get out of her tent at night. Thankfully we did remember to write “Kelda’s pee pot” on it so it wouldn’t end up on the dinner table by mistake!!

The imposing south face of Aconcagua looms behind the team.

The imposing south face of Aconcagua looms behind the team.

11/01/2017 - Day 3

A walk into base camp, apart from summit day, this is one of the biggest walking days of the challenge. We walked 18km with nearly 1000m height gain, but the biggest challenge wasn’t the walking, it was the heat!

None of us expected the heat and humidity that we’ve experienced since we’ve been here and it was relentless throughout the day.

We won’t let a little thing like heat slow the AGS team down. We beasted the walk in just under 7hrs.

Poor old Del was struggling with a combination of heat exhaustion and altitude and wasn’t in a good way in the evening. We were all grateful we had a rest day the following day!

12/01/2017 – Day 4

So after med checks by the doctor again today, we’re all still alive and have been passed fit and well enough to kick on with our summit of Aconcagua.

We went off for a little leg stretch this morning and the guys seemed to find great amusement in trying to knock the tops off some ice pillars by chucking stones at them. Oh well, boys will be boys!!

We’re packing kit, sorting food and getting ourselves organised for heading off to camp one tomorrow, this is when the serious stuff really starts!