It's been an eventful fortnight for Kelda Wood as she prepares for Mount Aconcagua. Here's her latest diary.

So much has gone on over the last 2 weeks that I don’t quite know where to begin!

I’ve been training hard and I've got some big hill days in. To be honest, I’m feeling pretty knackered!!! I’m hoping it’s the dip before I peak!! I’ve increased the weight I’ve been carrying on my back, and Larry (the leg) has had a few objections about that!  I’ve been pushing hard in the gym too. I feel a little broken at the minute, but I guess if I wasn’t, then I haven't been pushing hard enough!

Speaking of broken. My crutches that have been my faithful friends for the last 14 years, unfortunately came to a sorry end last Saturday when I accidentally ran them over with my car! The people I was with found it hilarious but for me it was a sad end to a beautiful relationship.

Kelda and her crutches in happier times.

Kelda and her crutches in happier times.

Final preparations for Aconcagua are starting to happen. I’ve managed to get the custom made orthotics finished and purchased. I’ve finally managed to source some robust crutches with ice screw attachments that are going to be a big part of my ability to get to the summit. I’ve drawn smiley faces on my boots and attached stretchy man to my back pack. All vital parts to the mental preparation!


There’s still lots to do though. The crutches have to come over from Germany, I’ve got to work out a way of getting my mountain boots on when my leg swells up, there’s still kit to be purchased, crampons to be sourced and transport to be sorted.

With 4 weeks to go it’s time to resort to the inevitable list writing to make sure it all gets done!

Christmas may have to be put on hold for this year.


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