The thing that had me drawn to the Marines was the advert that said 99.99% need not apply. I was17 at the time and determined to be the 0.01% that the advert said you needed to be.

Fast forward 10 years and I feel like for the first time since being medically discharged from the Marines I finally have a similar proposition that made me fall in love with the challenge of becoming a Marine.

Matrtin Hewit asked me if fancied being part of the Adaptive Grand Slam team which was going to be the first disabled team to scale the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents as well as the North and South Pole. This sounded harder than the 99.99% tag line and I was hooked.

The following months after that first conversation with Martin saw me take to North Wales most weekend cracking Mount Snowden in prep for what was going to be an interesting end to 2015. Although since becoming an amputee I have enjoyed running I have never “yomped” since my injury so this was a new challenge for me which I have enjoyed, just as well as soon as I got comfortable with Snowden the stake are being raised.

This week I find myself heading off to climb the highest mountain in Italy, Gran Paradiso and thenthe highest in France, Mount Blanc all within a week as part of my prep for Mount Acancagua, the tallest mountain in South America which we set off for in November.

Since my injury I have found my self floating from challenge to challenge trying to find a similar passion and challenge that the Marines offered despite me being an amputee and as I set off from one of Europe’s highest peaks, I think I may well have found my calling..