The boys are safely back to a stormy Everest Basecamp after 5 days of staggering views and tough climbing on Pumori. 

Martin commented that it was the most technical and exhausting climb he’d ever experienced. 

Terry wisely decided to call a halt at Camp 2 due to the potential damage which would be caused to his residual stump by an extended period of ascent to camp 3 which required the team to kick their footholds into snow and ice. This repeated motion was starting to impact the comfort of his prosthetic and the health of his stump. Had he continued, his Everest attempt could have been jeopardised. 

Deciding to ensure that his physical health and the condition of his leg remained his primary concern, Terry waited at Camp 2 to benefit from as much time spent at altitude as possible. He then descended with Martin, who successfully summited Pumori with HimEx guides Woody and Stephan. 

Except for a touch of the notorious ‘Khumbu cough’ - a persistent dry cough experienced by high altitude climbers as a result of the dryer than normal air - and the need for lots of well earned rest, the boys are in fine fettle. 

Plenty more jaw dropping imagery to come over the next few days. 

Thank you all for the support thus far, and to Olympian Homes for enabling this expedition for The Adaptive Grandslam team.