At approx 0645am local time on Thursday 23 May 2019, Martin summited Everest - the highest peak on our planet - with his trusted team of guides and Sherpas. This has been his focus for 7 years, for which he’d prepared for through the #adaptivegrandslam team.

As with any significant undertaking, it was a team effort. Thank to to everyone involved with the #AGS team. Thanks to Harry Taylor, Stephan Keck. Mark Woodwood. Russel Russell Brice. Ningma, Son Dodgy and Terry Byrne, and to our sponsor who made this possible for us - Olympian Homes.

The Adaptive Grand Slam Foundation supports those with physical and mental injury and disability through adventurous challenges - providing opportunities and adventures to those who might have previously thought that they were unable to take part.

Here’s the donations link for fundraising,  and it also has a page on our AGS website here

Many thanks for any support which you are able to give.

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