As the AGS team reaches an altitude of 4000m, the debilitating effects of the reducing oxygen start to take their toll. Sam, who suffered life changing injuries as a result of a sledging accident and who has joined the AGS team to walk to Everest base camp, is feeling the effects of the elevation and speaks to us today about what motivates her to continue.

In 1923, when George Mallory was asked why he was trying to climb Mount Everest, he replied “because it’s there”. For me, becoming fit enough to climb mountains was initially something to focus on after my accident - it provided a goal to aim towards and something to keep me driven whilst focussing on my recovery. I wanted to prove to myself that I’m still me, still strong and capable.

Now I couldn’t imagine not having the ability to climb a mountain, or the motivation to want to do so. It’s my zest, my ambition, and keeps me feeling alive, helping me to put life’s ups, downs, and rights and wrongs into perspective. 

You can read more about Sam and why she is a part of the AGS team here.